Eat to Fight Your Disease (ETFYD) is an organization started by a group of German medical students who were residents at CHUB.  They raise funds in Germany and are equal partners with KU in financing and making major decisions about our projects.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire du Butare (CHUB) is where program activities are conducted.  Several staff are KU assembly members, and participate in program improvements at the hospital.

Biocoop is a Rwandan cooperative whose members are tasked with delivering trainings at CHUB, as well as monitoring and evaluation at the community level.  Its founder and president, Ange Imanishimwe , is also a KU board member who is in charge of training, monitoring, and evaluation activities.

Catholic University of Rwanda College of Nutrition and Public Health (CUR) sends faculty and student volunteers to CHUB to conduct KU program activities, and will incorporate components of KU’s program into their curriculum.  One of their faculty, Venuste Muhamyankaka, is a KU founding member.

Gardens for Health, International (GHI) also works in Rwanda to combat malnutrition through various programs  They provided health, nutrition, and agriculture training-of-trainers to KU staff and volunteers in December 2015.