UWITONZE Athanasie

Athanasie studied to be an agronomist in 1998.  She worked for the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and later became an agronomist for 2 food programs at CHUB: first with Agaceke Gurukundo (Basket of Love), then with Kuzamura Ubuzima.

During her time with KU, she has grown tremendously in knowledge and skills, thanks to the facilitation of Ange, the training manager.  Athanasie’s training is reflected in the way she has managed the hospital farm, ensuring the farm-workers practice sustainable methods while maximizing crop yields.  She oversees 15 farm-workers and 3 cooks, and is instrumental in implementing KU’s mushroom and moringa initiatives.

“Before joining KU, I was confused by the life challenge of unemployment. I was not using my skills because I didn’t have any orientation. After joining this wonderful organization, I was welcomed in a smiling environment of good people, and I started to know the application of what I did at school. I was trained by KU and I am now a professional agronomist — confident and determined to serving KU  to improve human welfare”.